ScalpingConceptsScalpingConcepts 1.002 (Apr 2012)

Scalping Concepts is an education company devoted to teaching the time-tested practice of Price Action Analysis.  Our program focuses on precise futures trading.  The skills we teach can be implemented to trade virtually any liquid market (i.e. commodities, forex, equities, etc…)!

We will simplify your trading and help  give you a professional edge in becoming a successful trader.  Remove all confusing indicators and  studies from your charts.  Come with us and learn the essentials to move  your trading forward!

Our market of specialty is the S&P 500.  Our price action analysis gets to the root of how this market moves throughout the day. Our price action analysis has the ability to identify exact prices of support and resistance, which leads to the trader being able to experience buying and selling and interday turning points.

Many times these interday turning points become prices for extended market moves. Our price action analysis allows a trader to experience very often buying at the low or selling at the high of significant tuning points in the market.

In our opinion price action analysis is the heart beat of the market, everything else just confuses and clouds the issue.

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