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Martin Pring's latest offering, on is the first totally comprehensive book written on the subject. Written in his usual no-nonsense and down-to-earth style, the text covers the subject of market momentum from A to Z. While reading on Market Momentum, you will be introduced to several innovative concepts such as Martin's own KST System, some new intriguing volume oscillators, as well as creative ways to interpret old and familiar indicators.

Designed for traders and investors who already have some background on technical analysis, on will also prove to be a refreshing invitation to those who use computer generated charting packages. Everyone from those who follow individual stocks to the multitude of professional traders in the world's major financial institutions will gain valuable information from each chapter. Martin discusses the strengths of the various indicators as well as giving his own unique interpretation. More important though is that he is not afraid to warn you about their weaknesses.
Martin Pring on begins with a primer on the basic principles that apply to all momentum indicators. Overbought/oversold conditions, how to interpret them and where to draw the lines are covered in detail. Divergences, both elementary and complex, advance breakdowns and breakouts all get attention. Combining momentum with trendlines, moving averages, price patterns and peak and trough analysis complete this comprehensive survey of essentials. Specific chapters are devoted to RSI; Commodity Selection, Index and Parabolic; Stochastics; The Directional Movement System; Rate-of-Change; Trend Deviation and MACD.

Other indicators covered are the Herrick Payoff, Demand Index, Williams %R, Accumulation Swing, Commodity Channel Index, Trix and The Ultimate Oscillator. In addition, complete chapters are devoted to Martin's own widely popular KST System, Volume Momentum Indicators and Momentum and Market analysis featuring McClellan and Arms Oscillators.
All twelve chapters are bursting with graphs and charts that will give you solid, visual examples on every theory and concept he discusses. on is a must for anyone who is serious about learning the most widely adopted concept employed by traders today. Even if you have been in the markets for years, you are certain to gain at least several profitable ideas from this unique book.

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