Masterclass Trader – Advanced MasterClass by Guy Bower

This MasterClass may be for you if:

  • You want to build a long-term trading approach that makes sense.
  • You want to diversify your investing.
  • You know you need to expand but not sure how.
  • You want to learn a hedge fund style approach.
  • You want guidance along the way.

Spread trading is how professionals go about trading the markets. Everyone from fund managers to proprietary traders know the importance of understanding spread relationships and how markets work together.

Our flagship Advanced Spread Trading MasterClass is designed to be an end-to-end approach to trading these markets.

Course Descriptor and Learning Outcomes

  1. We look at why we are trading spreads.
  2. We look at the building blocks of spreads.
  3. We go deeper into the common types of spreads.
  4. We delve into seasonal analysis and how it works with technicals and fundamentals.
  5. We show you how to find high probability trades using historical data.
  6. And we show you how to manage the risk of spreads.

Before you start, you might not know what a spread is. At the end, you will have an approach to trading spreads that is backed by real statistics. It is measurable and logical. As always, the course comes with complete support, so when you get stuck, just ask.

MasterClass Founder

Guy Bower has more than 20 years experience in the market as a money manager for a CTA, a private trader, a professional trader, trading coach, analyst and broker. He is the author of multiple books, eBooks, training material and courses relating to futures and options trading. He spent most of the last 10yrs with two proprietary trading firms as their recruiter, manager and trading coach.

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